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Spanish Saffron

Altaj Crown Spanish Saffron is hand-picked with precision and care removing all waste matter and leaving the finest pure saffron threads. It possesses a pleasant unique fragrance with earthy, sweet, and spicy notes. The color is a brilliant pure red and the flavor is exquisite. This superior grade saffron contains all of the qualities that are sought after when looking for the absolute best

• Contains no waste matter, only pure saffron threads

• Brilliant, even, red color

• Sold in 1 oz tins

Amish Chicken

Raised in small community farms in Lancaster, PA, our bird is of barred silver and American partridge rock hen cross. It is a slow growing breed, fed only soybean and corn. The birds roam freely for 13-14 weeks -more than twice as long as typical supermarket chickens.The result is a leaner but more flavorful bird, such characteristics being essential for developing a meaty bird. Chickens are delivered with the head and feet on within 24 hours of slaughtering so you can confidently use a fresh chicken.

• N.Y. dressed, head and feet on

• Eviscerated with giblets

• 15 per case

• 3.5 lb average size

Live Shellfish

Huntsman Inc is dedicated to providing the freshest and highest quality oysters and shellfish available from both coasts. We only offer oysters from farms that employ sustainable practices and wild harvested shellfish from sources that respect our oceans. We guarantee freshness and quality and do not engage in selling products that are in any way threatened.

• Live sea urchin

• Uni trays

• Live Abalone

• Petite Manila clams

• Wild Belon Oyster from Maine

• 20+ differents West Coast oysters

• kumamoto

• Kusshi

• Deer Creek and many more

(call for availability)


Raised in family farms in Orange county VA, these tender California / New Zealand rabbits come to us every Tuesday.

• Limited quantities


Duck is simply delicious and a must on every elegant menu

• Muscovy – Grimaud

• Pekin Alina – La Belle Farm

• White Pekin

Shenandoah Beef

Our Black Angus beef comes from local farms in Shenandoah Valley, VA and it is slaughtered and processed at USDA plant EST.44067M in Baltimore, MD. We can custom process the carcass to the chef’s specifications and dry age it to 14, 21, 30 or 45 days at our dedicated hanging dry-age room.

• Custom Dry-aging


Russian Ossetra – Uruguay

This variety is made from acipenser gueldenstaedtii sturgeon roe, of Russian origin. With a 3.2 mm diameter, their color ranges from light brown to gold. Their texture is firm with a unique glazed shine, and their intense creamy taste with a touch of nuts.
The sturgeons are bred for 7 to 10 years in a culture system located in an environment that mimics the habitat in which these fish grow in the wild; a perfect blend of the wild kingdom and captive breeding.

• 250 grams tin

• 500 grams tin

Amur Ossetra Caviar (Schrinkii)

Wild Amur sturgeon can be found in the Amur river between China and Russia. The species normally matures in the 7th-10th year, and can live up to 30 years and reach over 20kg.
The caviar is produced from roes of mature Amur sturgeon of over 7 years of aquaculture. Its color can be light brown or light grey. The roe diameter is over 2.9mm and has a full-bodied flavor with a hint of fruity freshness.

• 1 oz jar

• 4.5 oz tin

American sturgeon

The Wild American Sturgeon, which is also known as Hackleback Caviar, has a nutty, sweet, and buttery flavor very similar to the Caspian Ossetra. Its color ranges from dark gray to black. This sturgeon is indigenous to the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.

• 1 oz jar

• 7 oz tin

Paddle Fish

American Paddlefish is considered a cousin to the Caspian Sevruga. The caviar is comparable in taste, color and size to that of Caspian Sevruga caviar. The color of Paddlefish Caviar ranges from light to dark steel gray with a rich, silky smooth and complex flavor. We are proud to carry Paddlefish caviar from the Mississippi River.

• 1 oz jar

• 7 oz tin