Cherry Glen Goat Cheese Co.

Unique to the DC area, the 58 acre farm with low carbon footprint solar creamery (1.2 million dollars of solar) is located in Boyds, MD within the Montgomery County agricultural reserve, right outside DC. The milk that goes into making these fine cheeses comes from Alpine, La Mancha, Saanen and Toggenburg dairy goats that are raised at the farm. Cherry Glen Farm is a true farmstead farm, producing delicious hand dipped fresh Chevre with soft but distinctive tangy flavor, as well as goat Ricotta, Moncacy Crottin, Ash and Silver. All cheeses are made with 100% vegetable rennet. Cheese maker Wayne Cullen is a true craftsman.

Cherry Glen Chevre

• Spreadable, tangy, 8oz, 2lb tub

Monocacy Silver

• Cylindrical, 8oz, white mold exterior, creamy just awesome

Monocacy Crottin

• Round, 3-4 oz, tangy, nutty finish

Monocacy Ash

• Soft ripened, two layer, coated in vegetable ash, 2009 medalist at the US cheese championship.

Monocacy Chipotle

• Creamy with a hint of smokiness and heat, just perfect.